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We provide multimeters, clamp meters, 

infrared thermometers, smart socket testers,

coating thickness gauges, and voltage detectors.


Ocilloscope / Multimeter / Signal Generator

50MHz Bandwidth

25000 Counts

High voltage protection

Supports firmware upgrades

3 in 1

Dual channel

3 in 1

Dual channel

Products Categories

USB Soldering iron

The product is convenient to carry and can be used for soldering without plugging into a 220V mains power supply, emphasizing its portability for outdoor work, compatible with power banks and PD/QC fast charging.

Lithium-ion Soldering Iron Multimeter

The product is portable and can be used for soldering without plugging into a 220V mains power supply. With multimeter functionality, it is designed for outdoor use and can be paired with power banks and PD/QC fast chargers.

Electric Bridge Tweezers

Used for measuring various surface-mount electronic components Automatically identifies measurement of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and continuity Capable of measuring series equivalent resistance Rs, capacitor D value loss factor, inductor Q value quality factor, etc.

Digital Multimeter

Smart multimeters, button multimeters, BlueTooth multimeters with its APP.

digital clamp meter

Digital Clamp Meter

Smart digital clamp meters, button clamp meters, BlueTooth clamp meters with its APP.

Infrared Thermometer

Industrial infrared thermometers with LAL, HAL, MIN, MAX, AVG, and DIF

coating thickness guage

Coating thickness gauge

Automatically recognize substrate coating thickness + Singel/Continue Dual Test Modes

voltage detector

Voltage Detector

Non-contact voltage detector, the safest and fastest tool for checking the status of electrical wires.

smart socket tester

Smart Socket Tester

Measures wire connectivity in sockets. Could help anyone become a professional electrician in seconds.

Why do business with ZOYI ?

Trusted products

Over 100k positive reviews
on the internet

Unique functions

We provide an unique APP for Bluetooth
multimeters and clamp meters

Highly Cost-effective

Competitive prices that are hard tobeat!

Quick to the market

1-3 days delivery time

Business with a small cost

Starting with one carton MOQ.

One year warranty

Damage due to defective parts or workmanship could be replaced for free in 1 year

Our special services

We provide OEM Service

We have strong supply chain to support OEM requests, including LOGO , COLORS, COLOR BOX, CARTONS.

We provide ODM Service

We also have strong engineering team to support ODM request.  Including APPEARANCE DESIGNING, PCB DESIGNING, HANDMADE SAMPLES, AND MASS PRODUCTION.

About Us

Founder: Mr Li Hong, one of the greatest digital multimeter pioneers in China.

In 1984, Mr Li introduced the first digital multimeter production line of DT830 to China. 

In 1996, he designed a few digital multimeter chips in Taiwan. E.g. FS9721, FS9952, FS9922 and so on. 

In 2011, he produced MCU chips for the digital multimeter. Meaning all manufacturers can use more cost-effective chips to reduce total production costs.

CEO: Mr.Li Xin, son of Mr.Li Hong. Founded the company ZOYI with his father. In 5 years, ZOYI became a well-known brand within the industry. He also designed more revolutionary multimeters, like ZTX, ZTY, ZTM1, ZTQB9, ZT922 and so on.  

We are striving for the title of the top multimeter manufacturer in the world. 

HQ ZOYI instruments

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We annually attend the Canton fair, the HongkongElectronics Fair and the Shanghai international hardware fair. 


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