Productive Process​





Our engineers design our own PCB boards and the structure & appearance of products. We make prototypes using 3D printers to test out our new product idea/. Then we purchase materials from our suppliers, including electronic material. e mounter them and bond the main IC, then we solder and assemble the parts.  There is then two steps of calibration and at last, we package the goods and ship them. 

The Professional Equipments

Chip Burner

digital multimeter

Molding Machine

Thermotank Machine

Quality Control

Material Incoming Inspection

Calibration & Full Inspection

Manufacturing Inspection

QC Random Inspection

Full Capacity

Sales and marketing Prediction

Sales and marketing Prediction

Semi-manufactured Goods​

Semi-manufactured Goods

Ship 5000-8000pcs each day

For over 2 times per month, our sales department, purchasing department, engineering department, and warehouse department come together for the sales and marketing prediction meeting. Then according to the data from the prediction meeting, we aim to produce thousands of semi-manufactured goods before the orders are received. Therefore, if our clients need the goods at any time, we can deliver the goods in under 3 days. 

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